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Summer is here and getting creative for gift ideas for Mother's day of Father's day is hard to say the least.  Let us take the stress out of searching for the perfect gift and give us a call or send us an email.  Be sure to check out our specials page and fidn that perfect gift for Mom or Dad, or even GrandMa or Grandpa.  Thanks for visiting our site and have a great day.


Laminate Flooring

Laminate Flooring has come a long way since Pergo brought laminate to the United States soem 30 years ago.  The new styles, textures, and looks are sure to stun even the most apt flooring expert.

Shaw and Mannington Laminates  

                Are you interested in an upscale look of hardwoods with the ease of laminates? The beauty of hardwood laminates warm up a home and lend durability, quality, and style without an upscale cost. The brilliance of the Shaw Luminiere collection sparkles even in the toughest household conditions. The Luminiere collection comes in many styles and finishes. With their LocNPlace technology and enhanced scratch resistance, they install with a snap and their beauty lasts a long time. Check out Shaw’s innovative laminates online to see all their classic styles, which include 5-inch wide planks of exotic and domestic hardwood species. Both have extraordinary clarity and a mirror-like finish. They carry a 25-year warranty, and are treated with Shaw’s own ScufResist, the ultimate in scuff-resistant finishes. Their classic styles, durable finishes, easy installation, and carefree maintenance make Shaw’s Laminates a smart choice for busy families.

Mannington Jamestown Oak
Mannington American Maple
Mannington American Walnut

                Shaw Laminates are an eco-friendly way to have the beauty of hardwoods using less newly harvested wood than conventional hardwoods. With OptiCore, an environmentally friendly laminate coreboard, one is assued of an environmentally friendly laminate coreboard that’s strong, stable, and moisture resistant.  Shaw offers a wide variety of laminates, which are environmentally friendly.  They use 98% less newly harvested wood than conventional engineered hardwood products. With OptCore, one gets the strength and durability of hardwoods, yet uses a sustainable, renewable product that helps to preserve the planet.

Mannington Harrington Oak
Mannington Rustic Maple
Mannington Laminate Flooring

                Shaw demonstrates its commitment to the environment with the Shaw Green Edge, an umbrella term to describe its commitment to sustainability.  The three pillars of the Shaw Green Edge Sustainability Business Platform include: 1) Corporate leadership in social responsibility, 2) Operational and environmental excellence, and 3) Unique products and services.  Because of their advances in environmental stewardship, Shaw was been chosen as the exclusive flooring sponsor of the 2008 HGTV Green Home. They have become a true leader in environmental stewardship. In the following fundamental areas of environmental stewardship, Shaw supports a comprehensive environmental program: energy, water, indoor environmental quality, recycling and reclamation, social/community responsibility, and environmentally friendly products. In each of these areas, Shaw show an excellence in stewarding the environment.

Shaw Laminate Flooring
Shaw Laminate Prices
Mohawk Laminate Prices
Armstrong Laminate Prices

                Shaw Laminates are easy to care for. When spills occur, simply use a damp cloth to blot them up as they happen.  Regularly sweeping, dusting or vacuuming floors to prevent dirt and grit from forming on the surface, which can scratch and dull floor finishes, will keep them looking their optimum. There is no need to use soap or detergents when caring for Shaw Laminates.  Tough spots can easily be wiped up with nail polish remover and a damp cloth. With a little care, laminate flooring will look like new for many years. If damage occurs, minor scratches or dents can easily be repaired with a Floor Touchup or Color-Fill Kit.  Glueless replacement planks can quickly replace heavily damaged boards. These easy tips will keep Shaw Laminates sparkling for many years to come.

                If you are interested in the beauty of hardwoods and desire to properly steward the environment, you can be confident you have made the right choice with laminate flooring and Shaw Laminates.

Hardwood Flooring

This section is dedicated to hardwood flooring ideas.  We will be posting articles for design ideas to this section.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

                Brazilian Cherry is the most popular exotic hardwood flooring on today’s flooring market. While Brazilian Cherry has the same warm, reddish tones of American cherry, it is not really a cherry tree. Also known as Jatoba or Guapinol (Hymenaea courbaril), it is much harder and more durable than American cherry. In fact, it is 228% harder than domestic Red Oak on the Janka Hardness scale.

                On the Janka Hardness scale, Brazilian Cherry ranks 2820 vs. 1260 for Red Oak.  The Janka Hardness test is a measurement that tests the hardness of wood to see if it is suitable for flooring. In America, this method measures the pounds-force required to embed an 11.28 mm. steel ball into a piece of wood at half the ball’s diameter. The Janka Hardness test determines the ability of wood to handle denting and wear. It is also an indicator of how resistant it is to working with the wood, such as sawing and nailing. The Janka Hardness for Brazilian Cherry is in accordance with ASTM D 1037-7 testing methods. Testing is not done on actual flooring. It is done on samples.

Triangulo Engineered Brazilian Cherry
Indusparquet Brazilian Cherry 5"
Indusparquet Brazilian Cherry
Mullican Meadowbrook Brazilian Cherry
Indusparquet Brazilian Cherry

                This exotic hardwood works well in both residential and commercial installations because of its strength and durability. Its tan/salmon color has black accent stripes, which darkens over time to a deep burgundy tone, with some intense shadowing.  It can also be used in interiors as beams, rafters/joists, wooden planks, door frames, parquet and flooring boards. It can be crafted into cabinets and general woodworking joinery. Outside, it can be used for sleepers, double tee junctions, frames, and decorating wooden sheets, and for crafting fine indoor/outdoor furniture.

LM Flooring Brazilian Cherry
Versini Palermo Brazilian Cherry

                Brazilian Cherry, or Jatoba, trees are common to the Caribbean and Central and South America. Depending on its locale, it is also known as Brazilian Copal, South American Locust, the West Indian Locust Tree, or Stinking Toe. It is called Old Man’s Toe or Stinktoe because of the unpleasant odor of the edible pulp inside its seed pods. The tree grows to an average height of 120 feet with a 2-4 foot diameter.

Johnson Brazilian Cherry
CFS Brazilian Cherry
Quick Step Brazilian Cherry Flooring

                Brazilian Cherry is very heavy and has high mechanical properties. It is hard to cut. The heartwood is variable regarding its color, ranging from light brown to pink. Its thick sapwood is slightly yellowed, and has a uniform medium texture. The distinctive grain varies between regular and irregular. It is rougher than heartwood and differs because of its poor shine surface. Its characteristics are similar to teak. It is not as porous as mahogany, but it is harder and denser.

Jatoba is easy to work with in that it sands and finishes easily. Polish creates a wonderful luster. The wood stains well.

                Like most exotic hardwoods, Brazilian Cherry reacts to exposure to sunlight and oxidation. This is called photosensitivity, which causes Brazilian Cherry to deepen in tone as it ages like the way wine mellows as it ages.

                With the finest milling and finishing technology, Brazilian Cherry makes a superb exotic hardwood flooring choice. Its colorful mosaic quality, exquisite beauty, strength and durability makes it the most popular exotic hardwood choice on the market today. Whether decorating in a traditional or contemporary setting, Brazilian Cherry is an excellent choice for a flooring solution.

                Brazilian Cherry can typically be found in both pre-finished engineered wood flooring planks and unfinished planks. Installation varies according to the manufacturer.

Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring is gaining popularity as a "green" friendly floor and the new styles and designs are out of this world.  Check back for decorating ideas with cork flooring.



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